"Hope For The Vulnerable"

1. Psycho social Support, 2. Mental Health, 3. Trauma Healing and Counseling, 4. Physical guidence on SGBV, 5. Food security and livelihoods 6. WASH and Health, 7. Education 8. Climatic change, 9. Mitigation and Sustainable environmental conservation. 10. Sustainable development, 11. Renewable energy and economic empowerment, 12. Micro finance and cooperative services. 13. Disaster Management and Humanitarian assistance. 14. Conflict Resolution and Peace building Including (Protections, Human Rights & Women Empowerment Nutrition Inclusion, Protections, Human Rights & Women Empowerment Ending Early Child Marriage, promoting Girl Child Education GBV Intervention in Emergencies Health/Hygiene promotion)

Distribution of Non Food Items In Pnyijiar

Photo captured during distribution of life saving Non food items to floods affected persons in panyijiar County Unity State with support from US-AIDS, IOM & RRF

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Field Assesment On Floods in Panyijiar County Unity State

During joint Field assesment on floods affected areas in Fangak Jonglei State with support from South Sudan Humanitarian Fund.

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Capacity Building & Leadership Training in Ayod

Photo Captured during capacity building & Leadership training to committee members by HRSS CCCM Roving Officer with support from South Sudan Humanitarian Fund

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Hope Restoration South Sudan

Hope Restoration South Sudan-HRSS is a National None Governmental Organization-NNGO registered with Ministry of Justice in 2010 registration No.659. It’s also registered with Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC) registration number 138.

Were are committed to mobilizing the communities to determine their own development and self determination. It seeks to secure their rights to dignified lives. This is be done through, capacity building, research and proactive measures of dialogue, lobbying and advocacy, documentation, information management, livelihoods diversification and use of appropriate technologies.

The core values constitute HRSS operational principles, relationship with society-the children, women, the staff, and the partners, other NGOs and the government at local, state and GOSS. HRSS attitude is shaped by these operational principles and incorporates the confidence to act in and on the world in a way that HRSS believes can be effective and have an impact, and an acceptance of responsibility for the social and physical conditions ‘out there’. HR subscribes and is committed to the following core values:

HRSS believes in partnership and team work.

HRSS believes in openness, transparency and accountability.

HRSS believes in being sensitive and responsive to the plight of vulnerable in society.

HRSS belief in building networks, collaborative approach and relations with like-minded partners.

Our Partners / Donors

We work hard to maintain long-term partnerships with organizations in conflict-affected contexts, especially those with a track record of leadership, experience and expertise in key processes of change. Our approach is based on building trust, mutual challenge and two-way learning for the benefit of the beneficiaries.

Hope restoration has formal & valid partnership agreements with a number of partners supporting our Programmes. We also work in close collaboration with other national and international coalitions, networks & Clusters and alliances to push for policies that help people affected by violent conflict wars, and create conditions for peace within south Sudan. These include :

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

United Nations Development Programme. (UNDP)

Care International (CARE)

United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women UNWOMEN

South Sudan Humanitarian Fund (SSHF)

Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA)

Presbyterian Church USA (PCUSA)

Stand Speak Rise Up! (SSRU)

United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)

Common Humanitarian fund (CHF)

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (UNFAO)

United States Agency For International Development (USAID)

Rapid Response Fund (RRF)

International Organization For Migration (IOM)