Activity Photos Taken During field Assessment on Flooding Affected Areas In  Panyijar & Ganyiel – UnityStates

Activity Photos showing Displaced Persons migrating during Joint field Assessment on Flooding in Ganyiel & Panyijar By Hope Restoration.

Photos showing Activity Photos Showing Hope Restoration staff  helping  Stranded Beneficiaries in Panyijar During Initial Rapid Field Assessment in Unity States

Engaging Beneficiaries in Liquid Soap Making In Mangaten Collective Site for Hand Washing Support Within The Collective site with Support from Presbyterian Church Of USA

Photos Taken During Awareness Raising of Corona Virus To Beneficiaries in Market Centers on Possible Measures to avoid the Spread of The with Support From Presbyterian Church USA.

Photos Taken During Distribution Of Non Food Items To Persons With Specific Needs and Persons With Disabilities in Mayendit, Payak, Leer TPA, Leer Town, HRSS Women and Girls Friendly Spaces By HopeRestoration S.S (HRSS) In Partnership With United Nations High Commissions For Refugees (UNHCR)