Formulation of cattle movement policy for Rubkona & Guit counties

Emergency S/NFI distribution to flood affected victims in South Mayendit

Heavy rains received in South Sudan in June and July 2020 led to flooding of most parts of the country, Mayendit, Leer and Panyijiar Counties of Unity State were adversely affected. The heavy floods caused limited access to the humanitarian services and people slept under trees with their belongings and others moved to higher areas which are considered safer. Hope Restoration in partnership with The UN Refugee Agency distributed emergency lifesaving Shelter and Non-Food Items to the flood affected victims.


HRSS conducts protection monitoring at the border crossing points to monitor spontaneous refugee returnees cross border movements. We also work closely with The UN Refugee Agency, UNHCR and other agencies in Mayendit, Leer and Panyijiar counties to asses, collect and analyse information on returnees’ intentions and needs to inform solutions interventions

Hope Restoration work towards rebuilding and promoting social cohesion among communities that have suffered effects of protracted crisis. We also scale up on our psycho social support programs, community dialogues on conflict resolution and peace building. We increase platforms for youth engagement in order to empower and advance their voices towards fostering positive social change.

We continue to scale up programs that create GBV awareness for both men and women through development and dissemination of GBV key messages. Statistically, child brides have a higher risk of becoming victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse and even murder. We raise awareness about the dangers of early child marriage & also support to young mothers to regain their well being.


HRSS aims to respond to all Emergencies in WASH/SNFIs, and ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all by improving access to safe and affordable drinking water for all and improving access to adequate and equitable sanitation and hygiene for all while striving to end open defecation through paying special attention to the needs of women and girls and vulnerable populations.

We empower women and girls who are extremely excluded economically and socially to benefit from development. This entails consolidating the livelihoods of women and other vulnerable groups in communities through capacity building and provision of income generating activities

HRSS works with partners in established Protection of Civilians (PoC) sites and host communities to ensure equal access and need based assistance to improve the quality of services for the people affected by displacement caused by conflict and insecurity in the country. This includes engagements, site management and Mobile response.




About us

Hope Restoration South Sudan (HRSS) is a National Non-Governmental Organization-NNGO registered with Ministry of Justice in 2010 registration It’s also registered with Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC).

We are committed to mobilizing the communities to determine their own development and self-determination.

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