Meet 26 years old, Martha Nyabuar from Chuk Payam – Panyijia County Unity State who has her story to say, Martha narrates that the life of her family will change after After receiving Life Saving Non Food Items during distribution, Martha was quoted saying “we will use plastic sheet and rubber ropes to establish our own shelter which will play crucial meaning to our lives and the lives of our own children during this dry season and the next coming rainy season, the Blanket and Mosquito Nets will help in wrapping ourselves during the cold nights and will signifcantly reduce disaeses and enable us to furnish and improve our livelihoods in our new settlement”. The distribution was done in Panyijiar County Unity State by Hope Restoration in partnership Rapid Response Fund (RRF),International Organization For Migration(IOM) and United States Agency For International Development (USAID) to those that were heavily affected by flooding that left many families displaced with there properties.

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