HRSSCommunity leaders approved cattle migration route policy in Bentiu-Unity State - Success Story

The passing of cattle migration route conference in Bentiu. (The chief were brought from County of Koch, Guit and Rubkona to determine cattle migration for the dry season to reduce conflict which always embedded during dry season migration. 

Cattle raiding and cattle theft during the immigration season causing conflict among the community of Koch, Guit and Rubkona County. This conflict always lead to inter-communal fighting which continue through revenge killing in which lives are lost.

There was no cattle migration route which stipulated each community to follow curtain route to avoid cattle theft which always results to conflict and revenge killing. Through the support of UNDP, cattle migration policy was adapted that facilitate and guide migration routes through dry season period.

Currently, there are reduction on incidents of cattle theft as cattle migration routes are followed as stipulated in the cattle migration policy. This has improved and reduced conflicts such as revenge killings which partly contributed by cattle theft and cattle raiding during immigration seasons







Unity State has been worse affected by conflict which erupted in 2013. Communities were divided along political and ethnic line. The abundance of small arms in the hands of youth, with absence of local peace mechanisms exacerbate the situation between the youth in Unity state. The already signed Revitalize Peace Agreement provided opportunity for transitional justice, accountability, reconciliation and healing for the people of South Sudan but little has been made to disseminate the R-ARCSS especially Chapter 5 that provide Commission for Truth, Reconciliation and Healing (CTRH), an Independent Hybrid Court of South Sudan (HSS) and Compensation and Reparation Authority (CRA)


Mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS) services play a particularly important role during armed conflict and in other situations of violence and emergencies. Violence, fear and uncertainty can create chaos and deplete community resources. As a result, people experience psychological distress that impairs their daily functioning and social interaction.


The healing and reconciliation group continue to engage adults for a lasting benefits for engaging community members and families to come together to transform culturally. For a community to move forward in addressing the issues of today, the people of the community must take part and be an integral force for a preferred future.



Unity State is one of the worse affected state by conflict which erupted in 20213. Communities were divided along political and ethnic line. The revitalized peace agreement has provided people of South Sudan an opportunity to resolve their differences and nurture a peaceful society. It has given the chance to re-built and unite the thoughts to strengthen local peace structures along with national re-conciliation process.

The youth idleness caused by the conflict and high illiteracy levels have predisposed most of them to violent activities. The youth talent in the community had not been fully exploited and engaged for peace building. HRSS with support from UNDP engage the youth through cultural, drama and music apart of reconciliation and healing at the society level.


The youth were identified through various group at the community level. The youth formed a cultural social group called ‘Kondial Kel’ which literature translate togetherness which main objective is let us heal Bentiu. Let us forgive each other and start from where we are to nurture a new Bentiu.

The Kondial Kel cultural group is continuing performance drama. Music and dance every Sunday to preached a message of peace and harmony among the people of Bentiu.