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Since the outbreak of Covid-19 in 2019, South Sudan was one of the countries that was negatively affected especially the Humanitarian Sector in which Covid-19 hindered movement of Humanitarian Aid workers that negatively affected extending Humanitarian Aid, support and services to Beneficiaries, (IDP’s, PSNs and Refugees). Hope Restoration in partnership with its partners UNDP SOUTH SUDAN, UNHCR, STAND SPEAK RISE UP,  NPA, CARE INTERNATIONAL, PCUSA, in response the  out break of the virus Hope Restoration did massive awareness of Covid -19 and its impacts to communities, prison Centers, Market centers, Local Town councils on possible ways of how to avoid the spread of the virus, Hope Restoration distributed Hand Washing facilities, Hope Restoration distributed Face Masks and trained women and girls in soap Making, Trained women & Girls in tailoring Face Masks, Hope Restoration Conducted Radio Talk Shows on Covid-19 for public awareness as seen in Photos Below.